2N BriLite ISDN GSM Gateway

Download 2N Catalogue 2015 Main Features:

The main functionality of MobiLink ISDN is to connect ISDN PBXs and phones with one or two GSM mobile networks. The digital PBX is connected to MobiLink ISDN through an ISDN-BRI interface(two voice channels at 64kbps).

Analog GSM Gateway Benefits:

  • Detailed records of the individual phone calls and subsequent evaluation thereof (monthly statistics)<\li>
  • High quality voice transmission (EFR super sound)<\li>
  • Support for all GSM frequencies
  • Includes a USB interface in the basic version
  • DTMF dial-in with a voice message
  • Routing according to the B-channel makes the configuration of the GSM Gateway easier - it allows you to make the most of the configuration on your company PBX
  • Remote access and administration over GSM
  • 1 ISDN port, 1xNT or 1xTE


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